Saturday, 1 December 2012

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I love Christmas time and all the excitement in preparations and the traditions we have in our family so will be buried in all of that, with some exciting events thrown in too, for the rest of the month.
Thanks to a Dylusions challenge last month, set by the fabulously talented Dyan Reaveley, I am ready for December's 366 Calender Challenge ON TIME!
I know!?!
I started with black jesso and then scraped lime green paint on with an old store card. I love the vibrance of the colours (thanks Dina for this idea from your recent accident!!)  I bought the Stampotique tree stamp this year and actually don't really like it as a tree - but have discovered it created fabulous 'matrix' style backgrounds ;o)
As much of my December will be spent at Art from the Heart I had to go with using Dylusions stamps and inks to create the baubles and my own special Santa... I love it!
This was the original journal page that I did for the challenge - yes you could say I've cheated and just expanded the idea it but c'est la vie!
I cant believe I have got to the end of the year - Thank you Kate for setting me off and for your, and all you lovely people who have looked an commented along the way's, encouragement to carry on.
This has done me good ;o)
What's next?
Thanks for stopping by and for any lovely comments you may choose to leave

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Catching up ;o)

So, 'fess up, who stole the last 2 months?
I cant believe its been that long since I posted anything and that I have to confess to finishing creating October's 366 journal challenge page on November the 1st! I have to say it was fun reviewing the month after the fact because it was a FUN month; My friend and I got to go on a girlie road trip (air trip?!) to visit a fabulously talented and gorgeous girlie in Phoenix, Arizona - hence the Saguaro theme.
I did this on the plane over to the States - an expression of how I felt at the beginning of the trip - just in need of some 'me time'
I love, love, love my peeps and my job but it was sooooo freeing having NO responsibility for 7 days ;o)
I am so grateful for everyone who made it possible xxx
(I am working in my new Dylusions Creative Journal - I always knew I'd love this and I so do, the paper is soooooo versatile, I just wish I could have it in about 4 sizes! Hint to Ranger!!)
The creator of said journal (who is another gorgeous and fabulously talented friend) has been trying to teach me the following principle for some time now . . .
....... it is not something I excell at!
So, on to November. Whilst wracking my brains to come up with an idea for the date squares I wandered in to the room where I create stuff, switched the light on and was met by the internal fireworks of an exploding light bulb! Say no more . . . .
I've got lots of exciting things planned and lots more business ahead so who knows when I'll be back, but thanks for stopping by and thanks Kate Crane for keeping me on task, I've come so far that I cannot not complete this challenge! 
1 month to go . . . .

Sunday, 2 September 2012

I will obey . . . . well maybe a litle bit

Spent a great day yesterday at Art from the Heart journals class. Dy gave us a challenge - I love challenges but struggle to stick to the rules . . . .
The 'rules' were to write 5 words that describe where I am at now, to include a word or two that my classmates used to describe me, to use a tag and use a colour picked by the classmate 2 to my right . . .
I love to procrastinate in class, usually I just prat about and enjoy the freedom of being there amongst creative energy - when I left at the end of the day I had a yellow page with a few images stuck on it - no words and not a hint of a tag or the colour I was given (green) but I said I'd finish it and I have:
Thanks Dy for a fab class

Saturday, 1 September 2012

New beginnings . . . .

So here I am ready with my September calander page for Kate Crane's 366 Challenge - it's really rather sparkley for me.
In August we had a pre GCSE results day in London a) to distract and b) to celebrate in case there were disappointments on the day (shouldn't have worried).
The highlight of the day was going to see Wicked at the Apollo Vicotoria. I loved, loved, LOVED it - so much stood out and impressed me - my Emerald City is a poor reflection but it means so much to me!
I guess as I am getting older I am realising more that people influence us in so many different ways - some move in to our lives and stay a while and others just brush past but all have an effect and make us who we are. Like Glinda I can think of so many folks in my life whom I can say 'because I knew you, I have been changed for good'
And here is how August turned out - IRL I think this has taken over as my favourite month for now.
Thank you for stopping by and for your comments
Have a great September  . . . . may you have many new beginnings

Saturday, 4 August 2012


Am sooooo proud of Team GB - just watching the athletics and am amazed ;o)  - I salute you all.

I think I might be capable of a gold medal for sheer determination  and effort for a few things in my life but could never get any award for achievement in anything sporty!

So we are in to August already  - for me this means a summer holiday (phew - so ready for it) as such my 366 Calender Challenge page reflects this with postcards to be sent for each day. Am not sure if the corner images are sunshades or umbrellas - both may be required!

Having checked, double checked and treble checked I do at least have the right number of dates for this page, unlike my July page ......

Anyway I filled in the missing dates with  a whole separate page - inspired by my amazing friend Dyan Reaveley - and as a tribute to her and the creative wings she has inspired me to spread.

Fly high.  Fly free.


Thank you for any comments you might leave

Wednesday, 18 July 2012


So its been a while . . . .

Mostly because I've had to come to terms with the fact that I can't count!
I got all excited with my Olympic themed page for  Kate's Journal Challenge and I loved what I had created . . . .until it came to numbering the days . . . .

You'd think the small pile of spare circles would have been the clue wouldn't you???

Mebs I'll have to break tradition and have an interim page between July and August.

Whilst I think about that, this is how June finished up:

Thanks Kate - I am certainly being challenged ;o)


Sunday, 17 June 2012

Resistance is fabulous!

I had fun making a card this morning for my dad - no, no not last minute, honest!
I was inspired by Kaz Hall's video tutorial on her blog - (Kaz is one amazing lady, her video is so clear she should do more!) I didn't have all the magic ingredients that Kaz used to hand to do her resist technique so I improvised.  
I used perfect medium as my resist and decided to use  the 'distress ink pads on to my craft mat spritzed with water technique' (sorry to all you pros who will know the proper name for this technique). I then added some letters I've had forever and...
.... this was the result:

I presented it to Dad with a disclaimer that if he poked his eye out on the wire bits it was his fault not mine!
(As a bloke he was far more fascinated with the wire bits than the beautiful background ;o)


In between working my backside off  I have been decorating some letters for another of my gorgeous friends who, despite some seriously tough times, lives by the principle of 'Eucharisteo' which is Greek for 'Life filling gratitude'
I am so grateful for her example x

Here are her letters in progress - my camera hasn't pictured the colours very well. I had to be careful not to make them too grungy or altered as not to scare her with them!

So my challenge to me this week is: whatever it brings to be thankful rather than the easier option of moaning.
' will have to see how that goes!!


Friday, 1 June 2012


So here we are in June. I've managed to complete half the year in Kate's Journal challenge and have even come in on time for this one - Miracles do happen ;o)
June's calender background just had to be a Union flag.  I used Tim Holtz Distress Markers (picket fence, chipped sapphire and fired brick) for the flag and love the effect when I splatted it with water. 

I chose 'hats' as my days as it's in keeping with the Diamond Jubilee celebrations. My intention was to have a crown for the day of the Jubilee but ...... being a bit dim ...... I cant work out which is the correct date! If  2nd June 1953 was the coronation day and Elizabeth II became Queen in Feb 1952 what are we doing this weekend exactly? Feel free to educate me if you know ;o)

This is how May's page ended up.
I did  challenge myself to do some things differently - some will and some will not be repeated!

Thank you for stopping by.


Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Head Adventures and Snails for Tea . . . .

In my endeavours to do somethings differently in May:

I have been 'Jemima' in Starbucks, (not the most original name but it made me giggle)

I have taken two of my lovely friends out for the day, despite them not knowing a thing about it!

check out the full adventure here on Dy's blog

We've had a day trip to Liverpool and amongst much else we wandered around (some might call it trespassing?) my old halls of residence - a fab city and fab trip down memory lane

and this evening I really pushed the boat out by feeding my family snails for tea

For the record we won't be doing that again!!

I had a play in my journal this evening 

I might doodle some more on it but for now it says what I wanted it to say: When I am pulled in so many different direction it's OK to say 'No' - I'm closed for a refill!

 What are you doing differently in May?

Thank you for stopping by and for any comments you chose to leave


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Do something differently

Sometimes, when life feels stuck, the challenge is to do something differently to shake it up isn't it?

I've loved blog hopping and seeing how different people have chosen to lay out their 366 Journal Challenge calenders and was inspired by Donna and Sandy to use the film strip idea - thank you ladies ;o)

The biggest challenge this month was using the date stamp, what fiddly little things they are! I think I'd rather cut the numbers out than use that again. All I can say is there is a well date stamped piece of paper at work which could have been received on all the days in May!!

and this is how April finished up

I am still loving the challenge thank you Kate and very pleased to see that it looks like you are having a blast in NYC pre Ranger U

No, I'm not jealous, not really, not much! . . . . .


Saturday, 28 April 2012

Confessions . . . .

Way back at the beginning of March I was bought 12,  yes 12, Ranger Tim Holz water brushes for my birthday - I think there was some collusion going on between a certain hubster and the one and only Dyan Reaveley! There was a plan to fill them straight away with Dylusions ink  and get colouring.
The confession is that its taken me til now to fill them ......... but ......... ooooooooooh they are amazing! The gorgeous inky colours just flow so easily and smooooothly.  
All I've done so far is stroke them and colour things in! Very therapeutic - as I cant really post a 'more chilled out' picture of me here they are:

My second confession involves another of my lovely friends the fabulous Dina Wakley. At the beginning of March I did a 3 day course with her creating a masterpiece of mixed media entitled 'Poetry in Motion.'
I loved, loved, loved creating it and being taught by Dina but on the eve of my parents' golden wedding celebrations I couldn't make what I had planned for them as a keep sake work ...... so I undertook some further alterations and recycling of the project.
(I have already asked for forgiveness before you ask!)
Here's what it morphed in to...

The pics are a bit naff as they were taken in a rush on my phone before it was given away but I loved it and they loved it.  Once more I thank you Dina for your inspiration and am glad all that positive energy was passed on to make more ;o)

That's it, confession time over.
I'm going back to play with my inks.


Sunday, 22 April 2012


Not literally it has to be said . . . . .  that would be too much information!

You know when you are desperate to be creative but all sorts of obstacles get in your way? That's been me for the last few weeks - I am glad of my 366 journal each day so I do something!

Today I had a look back over early journals, the art isn't at all complex but 'art journalling' has always been just that to me - spilling something that is going on inside on to the paper.

I feel this today as I am aware of sadness in folks I care muchly about - I know I can't fix stuff but maybe wishing I could helps in someway?

One of my many mantras (I think that might contradict the idea of a mantra but never mind!) is from Helen Oxenbury's book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt.'  I learnt the text of the book off by heart when my girlies were little but have learnt it by life since.
When faced with an obstacle or difficult situation or even just a big pile of work the only way through it is through it so face the fear and get on with it.

It helps when you have folks who believe in you and affirm you along the way - why not take the time to tell one person today that you believe in them - and yes, that person can be YOU!  


So now I need to get through my constipation and go and get on with it don't I?!

Have a great week folks, thank you for stopping by.


Friday, 6 April 2012

You are loved more than you know . . . .

At last I've made it out of the rabbit hole. As predicted March was a 'march' but on reflection was a brilliant month filled with brilliant events and opportunities ;o)

This is how my 366 journal page finished up looking

The month started with the fabulously talented Dina Wakley coming over to Art from the Heart to teach an amazing multimedia class - I loved the process of creating and learnt lots of new skills and techniques including wet rubbing and dry brushing - lol!

March finished with my parents' Golden Wedding Anniversary  - I'd say that's an amazing achievement and we had a fab weekend of celebrations with them.

Here's the card I made them

As for April  - well with all the above frivolity I have had no time to play until today: Good Friday

I wanted to remember what the day was all about (other than a welcome bank holiday)  so this morning watched the Mel Gibson film 'The Passion of the Christ' 
Having sobbed buckets at the horror of the torture and the realisation of God's love for mankind (and lil old me) I set to on April's journal page

I've missed journalling as I've been so busy .... so .... this is a spilling of how I am feeling today, but hey, that's what Art Journalling is all about is it not?

I used my newly learnt techniques of wet rubbing and dry brushing through  the new Crafter's workshop 'Cursive writing' and 'Ledger' stencils and Dylusions 'Chequered dots' stencil to create the background and used Dylusions 'Write between the lines' stamps for the tags.

So remember .....

YOU are loved more than you know !

Have a great Easter weekend


Friday, 2 March 2012

Down the rabbit hole!

Phew, I've done it at last!

For a couple of days my status on FB had to be 'I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date' as I had wanted to be ready and prepared for March and have my pages completed to link to Kate Crane's 366 Journal Challenge. I didn't quite make it but I'm secretly quite pleased to be ready for March 2nd!

March is always a busy month but this one seems like its gonna be extra busy and over in a flash as there are so many significant events in it.  I want to enjoy them all and not just rush from one to the next which is so often the way for me. So my real challenge for March is to enjoy what each day has to offer and not be 'marching on' to the next one ;o)

So here it is . . . .

and just to prove I do fill in the diary parts here is February all finished . . . . 

Thank you for stopping by and for any comments you might be kind enough to leave


Sunday, 26 February 2012

Freaky !

I've been busy busy working so was very pleased to see I'd future proofed myself way back in December by booking a Friday off to play at artsy stuff (note to self - make sure I do that again soon).

So it started on Friday with a fabulous class at Art from the Heart taught by the lovely Kate Crane using Dylusions spray inks, Dylusions stamps and Dylusions stencils and Stampotique stamps and finished today when I finished them off with some stitching and mounting to make greetings cards. I am not so sure who will appreciate being on the receiving end of them as they are not quite 'love and best wishes' but I looooooove them.

Here they are.....

I've deliberately left the board blank on this one so it can be personalised for whoever gets it

This one is another 'note to self'

Think this little fella is fab

Busy bee

I've got a few people in mind for this one ;o)

Thank you for stopping by
 Feel free to let me know what you think ;o) 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

No! Why?

Having asked those closest to me (including myself) what my mantra would be it would probably be 'No! Why?' 'cos I usually have to understand and agree with something before I do it - my hubs tells me I will die by a gun shot wound to the back of my head  . . . . cos he'll say 'Duck' and I'll say 'No why?!' and that'll be me!

So today I spent time at one of my favourite hiding places Art from the Heart on an art journalling class. The challenge set by Dyan was to use the fabulous new dylusions ink-sprays, the latest range of dylusions rubber-stamps, specifically to make hair out of one of the stamps, and to use a quote which said 'Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll understand, involve me and I'll remember.'

I didn't say 'No! Why?' I just adapted it to suit and this is the end result....

Most of my class mates produced something bright and pink and gorgeous, I must be pinked out for now with my 366 calander challenge page for February!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has looked at my blog and for the lovely comments so far - I can't quite believe it ;o)