Sunday, 7 April 2013

What's that coming over the hill?

April's theme for Kate's 365 journal challenge had to be 'Monsters' cos I feel like the prolonged winter, lots of external pressures plus being a 40 something year old woman often has me feeling that way!
You know when you open your mouth and listen to the rot that comes out? Enough said!
To beat the monster blues I have just spent an fabulous 2 days at my refuge of Art from the Heart doing a Ranger techniques class with the truly fabulous Kaz Hall  - I can only apologise for bringing the standard of pupil down  . . . . and for the now national shortage of perfect pearls!
I love meeting new folks and re meeting some old ones too -  thank you ladies and gent for making it such a positive energy place to be for the weekend.
My project isn't finished yet but here it is thus far
And some of my tags
And if you want to know how they were done you should have been on the class.
Any finally I came home to the promise of these boots once they have been on stage in the Frazer theatre production of Teechers next month.
What more could a monster ask for?