Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Head Adventures and Snails for Tea . . . .

In my endeavours to do somethings differently in May:

I have been 'Jemima' in Starbucks, (not the most original name but it made me giggle)

I have taken two of my lovely friends out for the day, despite them not knowing a thing about it!

check out the full adventure here on Dy's blog

We've had a day trip to Liverpool and amongst much else we wandered around (some might call it trespassing?) my old halls of residence - a fab city and fab trip down memory lane

and this evening I really pushed the boat out by feeding my family snails for tea

For the record we won't be doing that again!!

I had a play in my journal this evening 

I might doodle some more on it but for now it says what I wanted it to say: When I am pulled in so many different direction it's OK to say 'No' - I'm closed for a refill!

 What are you doing differently in May?

Thank you for stopping by and for any comments you chose to leave


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Do something differently

Sometimes, when life feels stuck, the challenge is to do something differently to shake it up isn't it?

I've loved blog hopping and seeing how different people have chosen to lay out their 366 Journal Challenge calenders and was inspired by Donna and Sandy to use the film strip idea - thank you ladies ;o)

The biggest challenge this month was using the date stamp, what fiddly little things they are! I think I'd rather cut the numbers out than use that again. All I can say is there is a well date stamped piece of paper at work which could have been received on all the days in May!!

and this is how April finished up

I am still loving the challenge thank you Kate and very pleased to see that it looks like you are having a blast in NYC pre Ranger U

No, I'm not jealous, not really, not much! . . . . .