Saturday, 3 November 2012

Catching up ;o)

So, 'fess up, who stole the last 2 months?
I cant believe its been that long since I posted anything and that I have to confess to finishing creating October's 366 journal challenge page on November the 1st! I have to say it was fun reviewing the month after the fact because it was a FUN month; My friend and I got to go on a girlie road trip (air trip?!) to visit a fabulously talented and gorgeous girlie in Phoenix, Arizona - hence the Saguaro theme.
I did this on the plane over to the States - an expression of how I felt at the beginning of the trip - just in need of some 'me time'
I love, love, love my peeps and my job but it was sooooo freeing having NO responsibility for 7 days ;o)
I am so grateful for everyone who made it possible xxx
(I am working in my new Dylusions Creative Journal - I always knew I'd love this and I so do, the paper is soooooo versatile, I just wish I could have it in about 4 sizes! Hint to Ranger!!)
The creator of said journal (who is another gorgeous and fabulously talented friend) has been trying to teach me the following principle for some time now . . .
....... it is not something I excell at!
So, on to November. Whilst wracking my brains to come up with an idea for the date squares I wandered in to the room where I create stuff, switched the light on and was met by the internal fireworks of an exploding light bulb! Say no more . . . .
I've got lots of exciting things planned and lots more business ahead so who knows when I'll be back, but thanks for stopping by and thanks Kate Crane for keeping me on task, I've come so far that I cannot not complete this challenge! 
1 month to go . . . .


  1. Love your talent darling but love you more x

  2. Great idea with the light bulbs -- explosive, even.

  3. Love love the lightbulb page, what a great idea. All your journaling I'd brilliant and I hear tht you had a fantastic time with Dina xx

  4. Fantastic ideas to use cactus and light bulb shapes instead of squares. Hmm, I shall ponder how to pinch that idea and adapt it to my style. Thank you.

  5. It's nice to find someone else being creative with there journalling spots, Love your Oct page and your Nov page is also top notch

  6. Love the cacti for October and superb lightbulbs for November - what a great idea.

  7. Your monthly calendar "blocks" are so wionderfully creative!! With a bigger journal to work in I hope to get a bit more creative next year.Fantastic journal pages too!

  8. I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason ... The exploding light bulb certainly gives sparkle to your November pages ... Super

  9. Ha ha! Yes, time flies even more when you do this challenge! Your pages are fab as always, and what a great way to record your wonderful trip. Only one month to go ... unless of course you keep going next year ;-)