Sunday, 2 September 2012

I will obey . . . . well maybe a litle bit

Spent a great day yesterday at Art from the Heart journals class. Dy gave us a challenge - I love challenges but struggle to stick to the rules . . . .
The 'rules' were to write 5 words that describe where I am at now, to include a word or two that my classmates used to describe me, to use a tag and use a colour picked by the classmate 2 to my right . . .
I love to procrastinate in class, usually I just prat about and enjoy the freedom of being there amongst creative energy - when I left at the end of the day I had a yellow page with a few images stuck on it - no words and not a hint of a tag or the colour I was given (green) but I said I'd finish it and I have:
Thanks Dy for a fab class


  1. I agree fabulous page, love boisterous xx

  2. Love it! Am so jealous you have that store in your backyard.

  3. Fab page Sue, you can add TALENTED to your page too xx

  4. How lucky you are to be able to take Dina's classes! Your piece is just fantastic!!Love it; and that giraffe image is awesome!!

  5. Wow you did an amazing amount of writing on it - I'm well impressed!!! love her hair and the giraffe and the bras are too funny!! Nice one!

  6. Amazing journal page! Love the color scheme.