Saturday, 28 April 2012

Confessions . . . .

Way back at the beginning of March I was bought 12,  yes 12, Ranger Tim Holz water brushes for my birthday - I think there was some collusion going on between a certain hubster and the one and only Dyan Reaveley! There was a plan to fill them straight away with Dylusions ink  and get colouring.
The confession is that its taken me til now to fill them ......... but ......... ooooooooooh they are amazing! The gorgeous inky colours just flow so easily and smooooothly.  
All I've done so far is stroke them and colour things in! Very therapeutic - as I cant really post a 'more chilled out' picture of me here they are:

My second confession involves another of my lovely friends the fabulous Dina Wakley. At the beginning of March I did a 3 day course with her creating a masterpiece of mixed media entitled 'Poetry in Motion.'
I loved, loved, loved creating it and being taught by Dina but on the eve of my parents' golden wedding celebrations I couldn't make what I had planned for them as a keep sake work ...... so I undertook some further alterations and recycling of the project.
(I have already asked for forgiveness before you ask!)
Here's what it morphed in to...

The pics are a bit naff as they were taken in a rush on my phone before it was given away but I loved it and they loved it.  Once more I thank you Dina for your inspiration and am glad all that positive energy was passed on to make more ;o)

That's it, confession time over.
I'm going back to play with my inks.



  1. fabulous darling, I forgive you but not sure about missus Whacklie.??? xxx

    1. ..... she said she'd write back - what if its bad news?!!!
      love you and miss you muchly xxx

  2. You're awesome!!!! You're very clever and I forgive you for ignoring my present to you for sooooooooo long!!! :-) xxxx

  3. Stunning work and I love the painty pen idea x

  4. Love your May page - great idea putting the days around the edge and decoartion in the centre - nice colour combo too

  5. I have to say I am in awe.............this is AMAZING!

  6. absolutely Fabulous!! The keepsake book is so lovely and what a great idea, looking forward to seeing what you're doing with those fab pens xx

  7. I love this, what a lovely thing to make, they must have been really pleased to receive it. I made an exploding photobox for my friends birthday after we had all been to Barcelona. It was the first thing I had tried and it turned out much better than I thought - and she was thrilled with it.