Sunday, 26 February 2012

Freaky !

I've been busy busy working so was very pleased to see I'd future proofed myself way back in December by booking a Friday off to play at artsy stuff (note to self - make sure I do that again soon).

So it started on Friday with a fabulous class at Art from the Heart taught by the lovely Kate Crane using Dylusions spray inks, Dylusions stamps and Dylusions stencils and Stampotique stamps and finished today when I finished them off with some stitching and mounting to make greetings cards. I am not so sure who will appreciate being on the receiving end of them as they are not quite 'love and best wishes' but I looooooove them.

Here they are.....

I've deliberately left the board blank on this one so it can be personalised for whoever gets it

This one is another 'note to self'

Think this little fella is fab

Busy bee

I've got a few people in mind for this one ;o)

Thank you for stopping by
 Feel free to let me know what you think ;o) 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

No! Why?

Having asked those closest to me (including myself) what my mantra would be it would probably be 'No! Why?' 'cos I usually have to understand and agree with something before I do it - my hubs tells me I will die by a gun shot wound to the back of my head  . . . . cos he'll say 'Duck' and I'll say 'No why?!' and that'll be me!

So today I spent time at one of my favourite hiding places Art from the Heart on an art journalling class. The challenge set by Dyan was to use the fabulous new dylusions ink-sprays, the latest range of dylusions rubber-stamps, specifically to make hair out of one of the stamps, and to use a quote which said 'Tell me and I'll forget, show me and I'll understand, involve me and I'll remember.'

I didn't say 'No! Why?' I just adapted it to suit and this is the end result....

Most of my class mates produced something bright and pink and gorgeous, I must be pinked out for now with my 366 calander challenge page for February!

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has looked at my blog and for the lovely comments so far - I can't quite believe it ;o)


Thursday, 2 February 2012

Lost and found!

Well I started February having lost my phone whilst doing the grocery shopping - not a nice feeling. I knew it was in my pocket at the start of the shop so thought it had been pinched  . . .
Thankfully it showed up in the produce department - I daredn't ask if it was with the apples!?! I am grateful to have it back, that there are honest folks out there and for those who held me together whilst I found it!

I've done my background page for Kate Crane's 2012 366 challenge, I'm guessing that it will evolve as I go back to it each day but here's how it is now . . .

I am struggling to think of a mantra for February, it's a bit too pink for me to think of anything but love as a theme. Mebs I should have thought this through a bit better before I started?