Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Head Adventures and Snails for Tea . . . .

In my endeavours to do somethings differently in May:

I have been 'Jemima' in Starbucks, (not the most original name but it made me giggle)

I have taken two of my lovely friends out for the day, despite them not knowing a thing about it!

check out the full adventure here on Dy's blog

We've had a day trip to Liverpool and amongst much else we wandered around (some might call it trespassing?) my old halls of residence - a fab city and fab trip down memory lane

and this evening I really pushed the boat out by feeding my family snails for tea

For the record we won't be doing that again!!

I had a play in my journal this evening 

I might doodle some more on it but for now it says what I wanted it to say: When I am pulled in so many different direction it's OK to say 'No' - I'm closed for a refill!

 What are you doing differently in May?

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  1. Love the page and the sentiment - not sure about the snails though - there is such a thing as taking it too far!!! hugs xx