Sunday, 26 February 2012

Freaky !

I've been busy busy working so was very pleased to see I'd future proofed myself way back in December by booking a Friday off to play at artsy stuff (note to self - make sure I do that again soon).

So it started on Friday with a fabulous class at Art from the Heart taught by the lovely Kate Crane using Dylusions spray inks, Dylusions stamps and Dylusions stencils and Stampotique stamps and finished today when I finished them off with some stitching and mounting to make greetings cards. I am not so sure who will appreciate being on the receiving end of them as they are not quite 'love and best wishes' but I looooooove them.

Here they are.....

I've deliberately left the board blank on this one so it can be personalised for whoever gets it

This one is another 'note to self'

Think this little fella is fab

Busy bee

I've got a few people in mind for this one ;o)

Thank you for stopping by
 Feel free to let me know what you think ;o) 


  1. Hello Su
    I just love! love! love! your cards bloomin bootiful!
    colours are soo fab, gorgeous as always

    Kaz x

  2. They are awesome :-) xx

  3. OOOh these look totally fabulous! Love the way you have finished them off especially the stitching :-))

  4. Wonderful. Know how you feel re work but glad you got some 'you' time! I do that once a week and I really enjoy it. Lovely work. So which one are you on Kate's blog, then, lol?

  5. Great cards - I would love to recieve something like this- so lucky people who do I say!

  6. They look amazing - love the addition of the stitched elements!!! superb. Like you i had a great time at class but havent been as prompt at getting mine finished! 1 more to go - just need the time now x

  7. Love em! You are v talented! xxx

  8. Your cards area absolutely amazing! Love the "not-so-love-and-best-wishes" greetings - they're awesome. I hope to make it to AFTH one day! Til then I'll live vicariously through you and the other lucky peeps who get to visit regularly. :)

  9. Fabby selection there, each one perfect :)

  10. Totally amazing pieces of art

  11. Fab fab fab just love them all hope Kate repeats the class. x c