Sunday, 30 June 2013

Totally up to date . . . . .

Well until tomorrow - then I'll be way behind!
June's calendar challenge was inspired by a planned trip to 'The Making of Harry Potter: Warner Brothers Studio Tour'
I hadn't thought about it for long enough before this to realise what a huge part of the last 12 years Harry Potter has been in my family's life - from reading the first 4 books whilst up through the night feeding my youngest daughter, to sneaking to the cinema on my own 'cos the girls weren't old enough yet to see the first films, to at least 2 summer holidays when the books were released just in time for holiday reading and latterly to reading the books with my daughter and to several 'Harry Potterthons' where past films have been watched back to back in the run up to the latest release.
 The tour was amazing - I would definitely recommend it!
I wanted the background to be the 4 houses - so did the stripes using the Faber Castell's gorgeous Gelatos (yes I know I got the colours of Ravenclaw wrong, but am over it!) The date scrolls were made using Tim Holtz distress ink (tea dye and brushed corduroy) to create the vintage paper look which I then stamped over the top of with Lablanche's well-written  stamp. I varied what size I cut out to write on.
It makes me smile
These also make me smile......
Alcohol inked tea boxes - well why not!?
These are a spin off the Ranger Techniques course I attended in April taught by the brilliant Kaz Hall  - she is going to be teaching it again at Art from the Heart in Harrogate  in October ....... and in other places by the sounds of it - check out her blog for info and make a date with her if you can!
Hmm suppose I'd best think about July now . . . .