Sunday, 17 June 2012

Resistance is fabulous!

I had fun making a card this morning for my dad - no, no not last minute, honest!
I was inspired by Kaz Hall's video tutorial on her blog - (Kaz is one amazing lady, her video is so clear she should do more!) I didn't have all the magic ingredients that Kaz used to hand to do her resist technique so I improvised.  
I used perfect medium as my resist and decided to use  the 'distress ink pads on to my craft mat spritzed with water technique' (sorry to all you pros who will know the proper name for this technique). I then added some letters I've had forever and...
.... this was the result:

I presented it to Dad with a disclaimer that if he poked his eye out on the wire bits it was his fault not mine!
(As a bloke he was far more fascinated with the wire bits than the beautiful background ;o)


In between working my backside off  I have been decorating some letters for another of my gorgeous friends who, despite some seriously tough times, lives by the principle of 'Eucharisteo' which is Greek for 'Life filling gratitude'
I am so grateful for her example x

Here are her letters in progress - my camera hasn't pictured the colours very well. I had to be careful not to make them too grungy or altered as not to scare her with them!

So my challenge to me this week is: whatever it brings to be thankful rather than the easier option of moaning.
' will have to see how that goes!!



  1. Whooohoo!! I'm loving that card!! Might have to fight your dad for it!! Thanks sooo much Su, your kind words have made my day!! A big fat Mwah!!

    Loadsa love

    Kaz xxx

  2. Absolutley Fabulous and so are the card and letters. Take care of you xxxx

  3. what a FAB card and what a great and creative idea for the letters-they turned out beautifully!