Sunday, 18 August 2013

Time has flown . . . .

So here's what I've been so busy doing that I forgot to blog.....
July art journal calendar challenge - loved making this and I've had so much lovely feedback it gave me the the kick I needed to keep going
 August the 1st was the 20th anniversary of me starting work for the NHS - I had my own little celebration with a cup of tea and decided to dedicate my August calendar challenge to the achievement!
The background  was created using the new Dylusions Ink Spray Pad with Dylusions black and white inks. And in case you are wondering (it has been asked) no, it is not blood on the page!
(I do love my job but if I'm honest some blood sweat and tears have been shed over the last 20 years)
I've had some holidays so have also had chance to do a couple of classes:
Firstly Art Journaling for regulars at Art from the Heart - the challenge was to use the new Boney Maloney stamp set in whatever way we wished . . . . (forgive my black humour)  - I have to say the Wendy Vecchi embossing paste used to make the stars is amazing, it dried really quickly and doesn't have that gritty 'I'm going to regret this on every other page in this journal' feeling
Secondly Graffiti Of My Life online class #301 by Dina Wakley - here's my front cover and a few of the inside pages.
I loved this class and would highly recommend it  - Dina is an amazing teacher and I found the class really straight forwards to follow with no irritating production bits. Dina is about to launch her 5th online class - it will be available here very soon.
And finally Mermaid Circus by Teesha Moore and Jane Davenport - I remain fairly unskilled at the more fine art but had fun with the collage elements and loved being immersed in Teesha's style.
The lovely Sandra Hall will be teaching a Teesha Moore style 16 page journal with a Dylusions twist at Art From the Heart on October 12th and 13th - I think there are still a couple of spaces on it.  Mebs see you there?


  1. Love your art but love your heart more xx

  2. Dr Corrin! Congratulations on your anniversary :-) 20 years of wisdomous caregiving in the NHS deserves a HUGE shout and clap and song and dance! You are wonderful! Loving your August page, you are quite genius you know :-)
    Thank you for advertising me too.... I'm looking forward to that weekend. No mermaids though .... hehehe x x x