Sunday, 29 January 2012

Go forwards!

I've finally given in, proving that resistance is futile, and created a blog - mostly because I wanted to be able to link in my 2012 366 challenge before its toooooo late.

I'm hoping, over time, I'll discover how to make it all work and look a bit more interesting, but for now I'm gonna bash a champagne bottle against the side of my computer (gently of course, no point in wasting good champagne) to celebrate the launch of my blog.

So, back to the 366 challenge - this is how January started . . .

and this is how it looks almost finished...

I've loved doing it so thank you Kate for the challenge, to Christine for encouraging me to blog and to Dy for shed loads of inspiration down the years


  1. Yaaaaaaaay! You have joined us in blogland, I'm so happy! About time too. Your calendar looks fabulous, bring on February! X

  2. what an awesome the arrows

  3. First of all I LOVE your idea of launching a blog with champagne! I'm working on mine (with much help form my sone when he's available)mostly to have a link for challenges too but I'm not ready so I'm using flicker. Both your Jan and Feb spreads are wonderful!! I love the pop of the black and white borders!

  4. F A B you kept that quiet. January doodles really make the page. can't wait to see FEB finished

  5. Fabulous!! thanks for the before and after. Can't wait to see February finished.